What's New in September 2019?

See below for a list of the new features and fixes added in September 2019

Wonderful news for Enflux users! We made some beautiful branding changes with updated colors as well as streamlined the entire user experience. See below for a list of all the cool new features we have!

New Homepage

When you first log in to Enflux, you will see an updated homepage of all the dashboards available to you right there. You will no longer have to scroll up and down on the page to see everything! Below is a sample of what your new homepage may look like, but because this will be based on which dashboards you have permissions to view, it’s even better to log in now and take a look yourself!

New Navigation

After you first get logged in and select a dashboard, you’ll notice a more streamlined navigational experience. Simply click the dashboard title you’re currently viewing and select the next dashboard from the list. Of course if you want to return to the homepage, you can always click Dashboard in the main menu at the top.

Simplified ActionPlans®

We received a lot of great feedback from our customers from all over the world and are excited to show you the first of many great updates to come for the ActionPlan tool. See below for a list of the new features:


  1. ActionPlans have been updated to now capture your observations as well as actionable items all in a single view. If you want the ActionPlan to be actionable and have a specific due date, leave the default setting for “Actionable”. If the ActionPlan doesn't need a due date, uncheck the checkbox for “Actionable”. If you uncheck the checkbox, the due date and status for the ActionPlan will display as N/A since they are only applicable to actionable ActionPlans.
  2. Creating ActionPlans is now a much faster single-step process. Previously, there was a four step process to walk you through creating an ActionPlan. We removed these steps and created a single page for you to create new ActionPlans. Furthermore, we streamlined the fields for each ActionPlan and removed the “name” field so the first field you’ll complete is Insights. 

3. ActionPlans now sort by last update. This means that ActionPlans recently updated with a comment, a change to assignee, or updated information will be listed first. Additionally, on each ActionPlan you can now see when that ActionPlan was last updated. 


4. Want to see all of the applicable ActionPlans for a particular dashboard? Click “View ActionPlans” added on all dashboards and you will be taken directly to that dashboard’s list of ActionPlans.

We are always making improvements to the Enflux platform whether it be fixing a minor bug here and there, creating a new dashboard, or streamlining the user experience, but we can’t do it without you! Your feedback on new features, your responses to our surveys, and your expertise in identifying issues are invaluable to us. We are so honored to be your partners in driving academic excellence. Please keep up the great work and keep sending us your thoughts via email, phone, and live chat!