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What am I in charge of doing as an Enflux administrator?

I'm a new Enflux administrator and need a to-do list of all the tasks I'm responsible for each term.

Welcome, Administrators! As an Enflux administrator, you have a lot of privileges and responsibilities within the Enflux site. As an administrator, you can view all dashboards and all students within your institution. You can also create reports of ActionPlans® that have been created or assigned to any Enflux user. Furthermore, you can view and manage all users of the Enflux site. If, at any time, you require assistance, please contact your customer success lead or support@enflux.com

Tip: Because administrators can view all student data, it is imperative that this designation is assigned to as few users as possible. Only grant administrative privileges to users who must have these privileges. 

To-Do List

Below is a high-level to-do list to introduce you to your responsibilities. 

  1. Create new Enflux users within your institution. (How do I add, edit, and deactivate Enflux users?)
  2. Assign a new course, mentee, and committees to your Enflux users, particularly at the start of each new term since the new term's courses will be added to the system. This assignment controls which data and dashboards are available to the Enflux user. (How do I add, edit, and deactivate Enflux users?)
  3. Create new committees and assign dashboards to those committees. Committee members will have Enflux admin permissions to all dashboards assigned to a committee (How do I add, modify, and delete committees?)
  4. Deactivate Enflux users when they leave the institution so they no longer have access to student data. It would be a violation of FERPA to leave these users with access to student data. (How do I add, edit, and deactivate Enflux users?)
  5. Create, edit, and delete labels to be used for tagging actions or observations. (How do I add or edit labels?)
  6. Create and share reports as needed. Please be careful where you save your reports and to whom you distribute them.