1. Technical Support

Who gets to see which data in each dashboard?

I'm an administrative user and am wondering how the dashboard permissions work. I want to be sure I grant the proper permissions to each user.

The permissions for each dashboard are outlined below and may be slightly different for each customer, but should follow this general list.


  • Users assigned to specific courses will be able to view these three dashboards, but will be able to see data only for the assigned courses.
  • Users assigned to specific mentees will be able to view this dashboard, but will be able to see data only for the assigned mentees.
  • For some schools, dashboards assigned to specific committees may also be made available to all users. See your customer success lead for more information about your particular school.
  • If a faculty user is added to a committee and that committee is given access to a dashboard (for example, the Student Performance dashboard), then that faculty member will be treated as an administrator when viewing that dashboard. Instead of only being able to view Student Performance for the courses assigned to that faculty member, he or she will instead have the ability to view all students and courses in the dashboard.