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CompetencyGenie™ Chrome Browser Extension - ExamSoft Enterprise User Guide

A guide for ExamSoft Enterprise Users using CompetencyGenie™ to tag items.

Creating a New Question
Tagging an Existing Question
Using the Extension
Adjusting the Included Models
Add/Remove Categories to a Question
Get Insight About the Generated Categories
Apply Your Categories to Your Question
Save Your Question
Provide Feedback

Accessing CompetencyGenie™ for the first time:

To request access to the CompetencyGenie™ browser extension (beta access), reach out to support@enflux.com for assistance.
For current Enflux customers, your dedicated account manager will contact you with further information and installation instructions.
For non-customers, a sales representative will reply to your email with information about initiating trial access and installing the extension.

Getting Started on ExamSoft Enterprise

After successfully installing the Chrome Extension, login to ExamSoft Enterprise and go to the "Questions" tab.

Creating a New Question

Click the green ➕ (plus) icon and choose one of the options in the question creation list to create a question. Add your question text and answers, then proceed below to add categories.

Categorizing an Existing Question
Find your question in your question listing. Next, locate and click the "Actions" button and select "Edit".

Follow the steps below to continue.

Click the "Add Category" Button

After entering your question text, or selecting your existing question from your list, click the "➕ Add Category" button

Use the Browser Extension

After you click the "➕ Add Category" button, the CompetencyGenie™ extension should appear in the bottom-left corner of your ExamSoft Enterprise window (as shown in the image below). 

Review Generated Categories

When you open a question, the tool will immediately begin categorizing it with your enabled models. An orange circle animation may temporarily appear as the tool works its magic.

Once CompetencyGenie™ has finished, each of your enabled models will display competencies to consider tagging your question with. If you do not see the models you want included, continue reading below.

Adjusting Which Models are Active

To adjust which models are included in your view, click the orange "⚙️" (gear) icon in the top-right of the extension or the "Add more models..." in the bottom-left corner. This opens your account preferences and allows you to activate/deactivate models.

Click the gray X buttons to activate a model. Click the purple checkmark buttons to deactivate a model. At this time, Bloom's cannot be deactivated.

Click the "Save" button to save your account preferences for next time.

To return to the question and categories, press the orange "🏠" (home) icon.

Expand Your Question if Needed

To review your question text, click anywhere on the "Question:" bar to expand it. Click it again to collapse the window to its default state.

Gain Insight about Your Question's Classification

Hover over the "ℹ️" (information) icon to see why CompetencyGenie™ selected the classification(s).


Apply Your Generated Categories to Your Question

The extension generates tags for your question, but it does not apply the categories to your question. This must be done manually. On your question, scroll down and click the check boxes to enable the areas you want to add tags/categories for.

Once enabled, you should see something similar to the image below:

Begin typing your category name in the proper field - then click the relevant category to add it to your question. You may instead click "Browse All" to view the list of available categories for that category group, or click "Add New" to add a new category.

Remember to Save Your Question

Be sure to click the green SAVE button to properly save your tagging.

Provide Feedback

Click the thumbs up or down icons to rate CompetencyGenie™. Your feedback helps our developers better understand how you felt about your experience. If you would like to share detailed feedback about your experience or encountered an issue while using the tool, please email support@competencygenie.com for assistance.


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