1. Enflux Technical Support

I didn't get an email...

I didn't get an email... You should have gotten an email, but did not receive it.

There are several instances in which you may need to receive an email from the Enflux site:

  1. You are a new user and need to receive your welcome email.

  2. You have clicked Forgot Password? and need to receive your reset password email.

  3. You have had an ActionPlan® assigned to you or an ActionPlan you have created or been assigned to has been updated.

  4. A comment has been made on an ActionPlan you are associated with.

  5. An ActionPlan you are associated with has been closed.

  6. One or more of your mentees has taken an assessment in the past week.

  7. One or more of your courses has taken an assessment in the past week.

The emails that are sent from the Enflux site come from support@enflux.com. If you do not see the email in your inbox, we offer the following suggestions.

  1. Check your spam folder, junk folder, or similar folder in your email account. Sometimes our emails are marked as spam inadvertently and will not be delivered to your inbox.

  2. Search for emails from support@enflux.com in your email account. This way, even if the email was delivered to another folder, you should still be able to locate it.

  3. Add Enflux Support (support@enflux.com) to your email contacts and try again.

  • Your account administrator can resend your welcome email.

  • You can click Forgot Password? again.

  • You can update the ActionPlan again.

    4. If you still cannot receive an email, contact us at support@enflux.com.

Please do not mark Enflux emails as spam!

Sometimes when we are going through our inboxes, we accidentally (or purposefully) mark emails as spam so that we no longer receive emails from those sources anymore. However, if you mark an email from Enflux as spam, that means you will not receive any emails from us anymore. This will impact our ability to email you and could impact our ability to email others at your institution. Therefore, it is a best practice that you do not mark Enflux as spam at all. If you are receiving emails you feel to be in error, please contact support@enflux.com.